ELicensee How To Documentation (Licensee)

For product questions please call Mecklenburg County ABC Board at 704 731 5828 and for technical support call Dalcom Consulting at 1 877 768-6762 Option 3.


Please review the entire How to Document before placing your first order to take advantage of quick order functions and full functionality.


Access the website

Open your Internet Browser and enter:




Recommendation for placing your first order:

Enter all items you order on a regular basis. You do not have to enter a quantity for items you do not want to order. You can create a name for the order and save it once you have submitted your order. This will allow you to create a template for items you regularly order so you don"t have to key in the item numbers for all items you order every time you place an order.


Place an Order

Your store name and address shows in the upper right hand corner. This may be helpful if you place orders for multiple locations.



You may type the item number or part of the item description into the "Item Code" field to identify an item. A drop down list will pop up. Choose the item you want.

Example of typing part of an item number and the list of items.

Example of typing part of the description

Enter the number of bottles to purchase in the "Bottles" field and press "Tab" or "Enter".

The "Bottle Price", "MB Tax, and "Total" price for the line item will fill in.

The "Order Total" in the upper right hand corner of the screen will update with your order total as you add items.

If an item has low stock, a message displays in red telling you the item has low in stock for the location of your Mixed Beverage Outlet.




Removing an item from an order

Click to the red circle with the X in it to remove an item. You will be prompted to confirm you are sure you want to delete the item.


Add New Line

If you enter your items, the number of lines will increase once each box on the screen is filled. Alternatively, you may select "Add New Line" to manually add more blank lines to the order.

You must enter a Contact Phone number. You may optionally add any Comments for the Mixed Beverage Outlet in the "Comment" box.


When you are satisfied with the order, press "Checkout Now"

The "Review Order Below" screen will come up.

If you are not satisfied with your order, select "Change Order" and make your edits.

If you are satisfied with your order, select "Submit Order".

A message will pop up asking you "Are you sure you want to submit this order?"

Select "OK"



The "Order Confirmation" window will open.

Select "Print Order" to print a copy of the order.


Save Order

Once you have placed your order, you may save it for future use. This is helpful if you regularly order the same items and just need to change quantities and add or remove a few items. This may be much faster than keying in your items every time you need to order.

Enter the name you would like to call this order and press the "Save" button.

See the SAVED ORDERS TAB section of this document for additional details.



Look-up items and quantities

To see a list of items by category (Gin,Vodka,Tequila, etc..), lookup stock detail by location for an item, or to lookup and item number, go to the "Products" tab and enter part of the description in the "Description" field and click "Search"



Choose from the drop down list for "Type" and click on the "Search" button.

Click on "Locations" to see the Quantity on Hand for each ABC location.



Place New Order/Review/Delete Saved Orders

A list of your saved orders will be displayed in this screen. Select "Place New Order" to create a new order with the items from the saved order. Your "Enter Order" screen will populate with the items from the saved order.

To review what is on the saved order, select "View".

To delete a saved order, select "Delete".



Review Order Status and Existing Orders

Select the "Orders" tab. This will display a summary view.

See that W6725 shows as OPEN.


To be the order details, select "View" on the order you would like to review.

Select Re-Order to repeat a previous order.

Select "Hide" to go back to the summary view.



Change Password

Select the "Account" tab.

Enter the new password in the "New Password" and "Confirm Password" fields and select the "Change" button.